How to fold a fitted sheet

Donna Otto shows how to fold a fitted sheet in minutes!

Roadmap for the Proverbs

How to better understand and use the wisdom of Proverbs. Download Roadmap for the Proverbs  

Dust of Gold

Download Dust of Gold  

Donna Otto’s Pie Crust Recipe

Just add your favorite filling! INGREDIENTS: l/2 c Crisco l/2 c butter l/2 t salt 2 l/2 cups flour 1/2 cup cold water DIRECTIONS: Stir first four ingredients together with

Book of James Midterm

How did you do? A follow up quiz to a study in James Download James-midterm  

The ABC’s of a Christ-Centered Life

The basics of what it means to be a follower of Christ Download ABC’s  

Further Help for the Book of James Study

Study questions for each chapter of the book of James Download James-Further Help  

The Old Testament & New Testament Handout

An overview and brief summary for each book of the Bible DOWNLOAD HERE

Surrender: Key to Transition

Romans 8:31-39 Download Surrender

Fathers Molding Children’s Character


New Habits

A checklist for building new habits from special Podcast guest Susan Tuten (June 16, 2010) DOWNLOAD HERE

Wise Parenting

Principles of parenting from special Podcast guest Dr. Paul Wegner (Phoenix Seminary) (June 1-5, 2010) DOWNLOAD HERE

Song of Solomon

Teaching by special Podcast guest, Christy Osborn, Scottsdale Bible Church (February 2 and 5, 2010) Download Here

The Grace of God in my Life

Testimony of Podcast guest Tracey Medrano (August 17-18, 2009) DOWNLOAD HERE

Home School Book List

Susan Tuten’s Resources Susan has been actively involved with HBC since 1994 as a teacher, worship leader and guest on the Podcasts. She has 5 children ages 16 through 7

26 Ways to Build your Marriage

How to build your marriage on Holy Ground (July 16, 2010 Podcast) Download 26 Ways to Build Your Marriage