Making Felt Holly Napkin Rings

Click Here for the template felt-holly-napkin-ring-1 If you need more details, follow this link for a few more: Follow this link to

Thank You Gift Ideas for Christmas

Want to thank those special people in your life at Christmas? Download Thank you gifts Christmas

1 Corinthians 13, Christmas Version

First Corinthians 13 download

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas download

Christmas Book Recommendations

Download Christmas Book Recommendations

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

Download Gift-Giving Ideas (dragged) 2  

Christmas Traditions

Download ChristmasTraditions

Christmas Budget

Download ChristmasBudget

Hash Brown Quiche


Donna’s 1000 Island dressing Recipe

Donna’s Thousand Island Dressing 2

Advent Activities for Children

Advent Activities download

Five Grains of Corn

Five Grains of Corn-1

Helping Your Children help You

Evaluating Your Family Rules download

Donna’s technique on how to bake an apple pie.

Click Here Pie Baking Workshop-applepie  

Reflections of Summer 2017, My Heart

Edelweiss song with Christian Lyrics

Reflections of Summer 2017

Download Donna’s Daily Prayer

Reflections of Summer 2017, My Hands

Download Donna’s Summer Reading List

2 Amazing Recipes from Power of the Table

Click for Zucchini quiche   Click for MH-creamy celery soup   Impress your friends and family with recipes from Barbara Pool Fenzl. If you were unable to join us for

Daily Prayer for Our Children

  Download Daily Prayer for our Children

5 Tips for a Successful Summer

Great summer fun tips from HomeMakers organizational expert, Pat Mersiowsky DOWNLOAD HERE


  Download the Love Well verses

God Is For You, Part I & II

  God is For You, verses

Donna’s Devotional

In the early seventies, Donna was challenged to read biographies of men and women who left family and fame to serve God in foreign lands. George Muller is a particular

Missionary Series Book Recommendations

George Muller- Man of Faith and Miracles Through Gates of Splendor-Elisabeth Elliot Sabina Wurmbrand- The Pastor’s Wife William Wilberforce- Abolitionist, Politician, Writer Saint Augustine- Early Church Father A Passion for

Ten Suggestions for Navigating Transitions in your Life

1. Take your time. Spend some time with the Lord, write in your journal, look at the beginning and the ending and how difficult this transition will really be, and

Testimony: From Darkness to Light

Download Here From Darkness to Light  

How to wash a window

Three easy steps to get your windows crystal clear.

10 Questions to Diagnose my Spiritual Health

A Scriptural guide to help you assess your spiritual health DOWNLOAD HERE

How to fold a fitted sheet

Donna Otto shows how to fold a fitted sheet in minutes!

Roadmap for the Proverbs

How to better understand and use the wisdom of Proverbs. Download Roadmap for the Proverbs  

Dust of Gold

Download Dust of Gold  

Donna Otto’s Pie Crust Recipe

Just add your favorite filling! INGREDIENTS: l/2 c Crisco l/2 c butter l/2 t salt 2 l/2 cups flour 1/2 cup cold water DIRECTIONS: Stir first four ingredients together with

Book of James Midterm

How did you do? A follow up quiz to a study in James Download James-midterm  

The ABC’s of a Christ-Centered Life

The basics of what it means to be a follower of Christ Download ABC’s  

Further Help for the Book of James Study

Study questions for each chapter of the book of James Download James-Further Help  

The Old Testament & New Testament Handout

An overview and brief summary for each book of the Bible DOWNLOAD HERE

Surrender: Key to Transition

Romans 8:31-39 Download Surrender

Fathers Molding Children’s Character


New Habits

A checklist for building new habits from special Podcast guest Susan Tuten (June 16, 2010) DOWNLOAD HERE

Wise Parenting

Principles of parenting from special Podcast guest Dr. Paul Wegner (Phoenix Seminary) (June 1-5, 2010) DOWNLOAD HERE