Fathers Molding Children’s Character

Fathers Molding Children’s Character
Father’s Role in Parenting from September 30th Podcast
1. Successful fathers have a sense of supportive partnership with their wives.
2. Successful fathers think long-term about their children’s future character as grown-up men and women.
3. Successful fathers AS a consequence of this vision, frequently talk with their wives about the children’s character strengths and weaknesses.
4. Successful fathers frequently discuss things with their children.
5. Successful fathers listen to their children as well.
6. Successful fathers keep television-watching to a minimum.
7. Successful fathers see discipline, not as punishment or mere behavior-control, but rather as a means of building the children’s self control.
8. Successful fathers are confident of their authority – “voice.”
9. Successful fathers frequently seem to have anumber of close friends.
10. Successful fathers frequently have a deep active religious faith.
11. Successful fathers teach their children to be “poor in spirit.”
12. Successful fathers always put their family’s welfare ahead of their jobs.
Adapted from: SUCCESSFUL FATHERS, James B. Stenson – Educator
Donna Otto
Donna Otto

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