Donna Otto’s Pie Crust Recipe

Donna Otto’s Pie Crust Recipe

Just add your favorite filling!
l/2 c Crisco
l/2 c butter
l/2 t salt
2 l/2 cups flour
1/2 cup cold water

Stir first four ingredients together with a pastry blender until they are velvety balls… Immediately add l/2 cup cold water and stir quickly with fork. Divide dough into balls… Roll onto pastry cloth using rolling pin covered with pastry socks… Fold in half and then in half again (creating a triangle). Place triangle with point in the center of the pie dish – unfold into pie dish. Cut off excess edges with knife and then pinch edge all the way around to create scalloping. Makes 2 crusts.

Donna Otto
Donna Otto

For more than 25 years Donna Otto, home and life management expert, has shared inspiration and practical wisdom. She is an Author and founder of Homemakers By Choice, a national organization which offers weekly teaching for a new generation of "counter culture" women who have made the choice to stay at home. To hundreds of young homemakers, Donna has been the wise, fun, Godly Aunt every young woman wishes she had. Each teaching session encourages women in their role as a woman, wife, mother, and keeper of the home. She is also the founder of Mentors for the Next Generation, a program facilitating mentoring relationships between older and younger women.

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